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Travelers Comments

The most important thing to us is the experiences our travelers take back home with them once our job is done... We like to hear from them after their trip and find out that we have made new friends for our Ecotourism & Adventure network...

View our travelers’ comments from past years…

Todo marchó muy bien, pero despues del ultimatum de Bush... Lia se preocupo y decidimos adelantar el viaje de regreso en dos dias. Lastima no haber podido conocer y disfrutar de Yaxchilan y Bonampak, quedaran para otra oportunidad.

Alcanzamos a visitar Ceibal, pasar la frontera y al dia siguiente visitar Palenque con calma, ir a Villahermosa, volar a DF, Frankfurt y de regreso via Istanbul (Lufthansa cancelo vuelos). De hecho, llegamos a casa hace un par de horas. Encontramos todo en orden en casa y a pesar de la situacion, todo muy tranquilo en Israel. Gracias de nuevo por su profesionalidad y ayuda, estuvimos muy contentos... Recomendaremos sus servicios a nuestras amistades y de regresar a Guatemala-lo que nos gustara y planeamos hacer- oiran de nosotros.

Lia y Amir Ghitis, Israel, Marzo 2003

Hi. David Richardson here. We had a wonderful holiday in Guatemala thanks to you.

The transfers all worked fine, and the Hotel Rancho Grande in Panajachel was very very good. After we left you we went to Copan and then to Rio Dulce, then Livingstone, then Belize. We stayed at Tijax in Rio Dulce and that was also very good.

Excellent Service and see you next year!

David Richardson, UK, March 2003

There was a driver picking us up at the ADO terminal in Villahermosa to drive us to Palenque in the middle of the night, as we wanted. The same driver took us to Agua Clara, Agua Azul and Misol Ha. Alfonso, our guide for the Ruta Puuc, was really nice. He, of course, knew a lot of things about the different sites, what we didn't know. And, without him we wouldn't have found Chacmultun again. Thank you very much. It is so good to know to have a friend in you...

Thomas Knorr, Germany, February 2003

I absolutely loved Tikal National Park. Unfortunately my choice of transportation, car rental, and inability to speak Spanish delayed my trip so that I was unable to make it in time for the guided tour. We did a self guided tour and were in awe of the Maya civilization. If I had it to do again, and I will, I will choose a tour that included transportation and a guided tour to take me from my place of orgin to the park with an overnight stay. Accomodations were outstanding and staff were extremely friendly. Again thank you for your assistance!

- Leon Chief Elk, USA, April 2003

I had an incredible trip. After a day at Tikal, I traveled by bicycle from Flores - Sayaxche - Chisec - Coban - Nebaj (by bus) - Sacapulas (by bus) - El Quiche - Panajachel. I'll set up a photo-album online and send you the pictures when I get that organized.

I had a wonderful time. Everybody was very friendly, and Guatemala is an amazingly beautiful place.

- Louie Fielding, USA, February 2003

I just got back from Guatemala yesterday. I had a great time. Your country and its people are beautiful. I just want to thank you guys for the good organizing and coordination. Thanks!

Chee-Yan Kan, USA, February 2003
Nabisco Marketing Finance

Yes, we're home safe and sound - and very, very happy with the arrangements you made for us in Livingston and from to Copan. Please extend our thanks and appreciate to your staff members. The hotel in Livingston is fine. The food in the restaurant there is very good, and the restaurant staff very helpful and friendly.

The boat ride to Fronteras/Rio Dulce was exactly as advertised. The driver showed up at the hotel right on time, the boat was clean and speedy, and the visit to the bioreserve was interesting. Likewise, the van service from Rio Dulce to Quirguá and Copan was excellent. Your driver was friendly, helpful, informative, and drove both safely and expeditiously. I'll certainly recommend your services to any friends or colleagues who plan to travel in Guatemala in the future! And you're welcome to quote me on any of the above.

- Peter White, San Diego, CA, USA, January 2003

"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the great work you did helping us organize our trip to Guatemala. It was with your help that we were able to have 5 days of great fun in this country of yours. The small amount of tourists makes Guatemala a most authentic place to visit. As a whole your recommendations were great. After such a wonderful trip, we cannot help wanting to return to Central America. You may be certain that we will call on you for assistance in helping to plan our next trip to Central America."

- Eddie Cohen, USA, December 2002

"Thank you again for being such a wonderful guide to us all and giving us such an insider's glimpse at your wonderful country and its people."

Judy Bennett, Garden City, Long Island, NY

"Personalized attention, I felt as a part of a welcoming family where we gathered around the fire to talk. Our conversations were varied, but the most interesting part were the jungle anecdotes and the use of medicinal plants used to treat different illnesses..."

Bernhard Haidacher, Guatemala City, Guatemala

"We enjoyed the fascinating weave of ecology and culture. You are on the right track here and it makes us feel good. "

George and Caroline Engelhardt, Hartford, CN

"Thanks for all you did to make our trip as wonderful as it was. It was really nice meeting you and we really enjoyed the trip."

JoAnne Panzardi, San Francisco, CA

"...It was a great visit thanks to your efforts. I appreciate all you did to make this trip so informative and pleasant. Hope to meet soon again..."

Michael Watson, President, Robert King Mellon Foundation

"You and your company have given me the most nurturing experience. Already I feel like my life has changed in a new and positive direction... Thanks very much!"

Dawn Lohman, Student, Institute for Ecological Tourism, Humboldt State University, California

"So great it's a definite must... a trip not to be forgotten soon. I loved every minute of it. Beautiful, all of it and there will be next time"

Alison Byers, East Hampton NY

"I have returned safe and sound. Much to process regarding this trip. It was most certainly a meaningful and rewarding experience thanks to your knowledge, energy and friendship. Thanks again for a wonderful trip."

Michael Sweeney, Director, Institute for Ecological Tourism, Humboldt State University, California

"... a postcard from New York to tell you what a great time we had in Guatemala. Thanks so much for all your help- everything went perfectly, smoothly and the entire trip was so enjoyable that I am afraid we have no suggestions for you... your advice and work were perfect for us. The best part of the trip was Ecolodge El Sombrero and Gabriella was a wonderful tour guide and that is our fondest part of the trip. Please let her know how much we enjoyed out stay with her. Thank you again for all of your help, we will recommend Ecotourism & Adventure to anyone we know visiting your region!"

Brian Clifford and Christina Millones, New York

"Just a note to once again thank you for a wonderful trip. It was thoroughly enjoyable and memorable .... Your country is lovely and I feel as if we only scratched the surface. Some day I'd love to come back to see Antigua, Lake Atitlán and the Pacific Coast. Until next time... "

Vicky Cataldo, New England Biolabs Foundation, Beverly, MA

"Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists provides an extremely high quality of service in addition to maintaining a commitment and sensitivity to the people and places where we visited. This is an unusual outfit in their ability to cater to unique and demanding travel packages."

Shaun Paul, Program Director,
EcoLogic Development Fund, Cambridge, MA

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