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Travelers Comments

The most important thing to us is the experiences our travelers take back home with them once our job is done... We like to hear from them after their trip and find out that we have made new friends for our Ecotourism & Adventure network...

View our travelers’ comments from past years…

"Tikal was the highlight of our trip: especially climbing the Great Pyramid in the Lost World Complex to watch the sun set (the day after our guided tour with Sr. Escobar) on the Winter Solstice. This high spot includes the visit to UAXACTUN that you arranged the next day to the El Chiclero Camp and the good chicken prepared by Carla on Christmas Eve..."

- Jack & Cath Murphy, USA, February 10, 2005

"It was the most marvelous experience and everything worked really well and was well arranged by you. It was the highlight of our holiday! The suggestion of the hiking boots was a really good one because you do need hiking boots there and it makes walking and climbing that much easier. The Jungle Lodge was a great place to stay and everybody was really pleasant there including the driver who took us to and from the Flores airport. We were surprised how much of Tikal is still untouched and in need of excavation! I hope this wonderful site will be well preserved for the future generations."

-Irena Streibl, USA, January 28. 2005

"Our short trip to Tikal was better even than we had hoped! First of all, our travel arrangements were nicely organized. No hitches at all. Every single person we dealt with during the trip was unfailingly cordial and helpful. The Jungle Lodge is modest but quite adequate. It is clean and well kept. The food was well prepared and good quality, but occasionally a hot dish was not hot. That is by no means a "deal breaker," though. The price of the meals we purchased was fair. We got a big kick out of all the birds and animals we saw, and we have some great pictures of birds, monkeys, and coatimundis. Well, what can we say about Tikal that hasn't been said? It is a breathtakingly beautiful site. We have visited several Mayan archaeological sites, but NOTHING comes close to Tikal. Just walking to the monuments through the jungle was worth the price! Our tour guide was knowledgeable, professional, and his English was excellent."

-Robert Lastik, USA, January 21, 2005

"We had a wonderful time in Guatemala. The drive between the airport and the national park was interesting because of the small communities we passed through. The Jungle Lodge was really neat. It interesting to be woken up by howler monkeys and birds. I had high expectations of Tikal, but the site managed to exceed them. I couldn't believe the size and beauty of Tikal. The sunrise and sunset were amazing. All of the Guatemalans that we met were incredibly friendly. I would definitely recommend this trip and your company to anyone that was interested in Guatemala."

-Thomas Shell, USA, January 10. 2005

"...Tikal was amazing; we spent 2 full days there and would highly recommend it. Our tour guide, Carlos was extremely intelligent, able to converse and answer difficult questions. His passion and knowledge about Tikal and archeaology in general was evident when I asked about Egyptian and other Mayan ruins...

Tikal lodge was nice as far as the room and the location was great. The food was just ok. We ate at nearby restaurants at the park entrance at dinner"

-Surai Thaneemitchen, USA, January 02, 2005

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