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Travelers Comments

The most important thing to us is the experiences our travelers take back home with them once our job is done... We like to hear from them after their trip and find out that we have made new friends for our Ecotourism & Adventure network...

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"Now that we are safely back in the UK, I would like to thank you both for arranging our visit to Tikal so efficiently. All your arrangements worked extremely smoothly and we had a lovely time at Tikal. I will strongly recommend your company to anyone else travelling to Central America..."

Michael James, UK, March, 2010

"Well, we had a great time on our vacation, thanks to you! The arrangements turned out perfect in all respects. Your choice of accommodation was spot on – thanks for the advice and insight. Sorry we did not link up for the Helicopter ride El Mirador. I did put a call through to you on the Sunday on our way back to Guatemala City to see if we could arrange something, but as you know we were more or less completely off the air for the most part at Tikal and only managed to connect from Flores late in the afternoon for a walk around that town. That pretty much filled up our time in the area and then we were off on the early flight to Cancun on the Wednesday. Cuba turned out to be great, where we stayed in some private houses which was a fabulous experience, amazing service, cleanliness and charm despite the fact that they live on such meager means. Our hats are always off to the Cubans for their resolve under the circumstances of how they must live.

Brian, Sue, Rebecca and Michael
Captain Brian & Sue Mitchell, Australia, March, 2010

I would be happy to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Tikal and feel free to use my comments on your website!

We had a great time on our trip to Guatemala and it was a pleasure to work with Carla and Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists.  She worked diligently and efficiently with us to plan an itinerary which met all of our needs. If I plan another trip to any of the destinations where they offer tours, I will definitely use their services again.

Tikal is an amazing place and I am glad that we spent two nights in the park. We had a room in the Jungle Lodge and I would recommend it to anyone. The accommodations suited our needs: clean, comfortable and affordable. The meals in their restaurant were delicious and not overpriced.  The staff in both the hotel and restaurant were friendly and helpful.

We had a sunset tour the first night. Unfortunately I cannot remember our guide’s name but he did a fine job. Sunset in Tikal is magnificent and I would recommend the Sunset Tour to anyone staying in Tikal, particularly if you have the opportunity to be there during a full moon. In addition to the Mayan temples we also enjoyed watching the spider monkeys and toucans in the trees while we waited for the sun to set!

We did a tour of the park the next day with Nixon. He was a great guide! We spent the rest of the day touring Tikal on our own.

I also cannot remember the name of our driver who picked us up at the airport. He was on time and got us straight to the hotel with no problems. The hotel provided our transportation back to Flores with no problems. Everything went fine with the airline tickets that you set up for us with Tropic Air.

¡Gracias para un buen viaje!

Leslie Shover, US, Feb.- March, 2010

We had a lovely time in Belize and Guatemala and all our tour party said they really enjoyed themselves.  If we ever run the tour again or if any other leader in our tour company wants to do it we will ask you for a quote for your services.  The company we used (not Ecotourism & Adventure) sent us a good guide for Belize but he didn't go with us to Guatemala (they hadn't told us beforehand that that would happen) and they sent different guides for each day we were in Guatemala, some couldn't speak English which made giving instructions difficult and we had to rely on tour members who could speak Spanish.

We were very impressed with your services for booking the lodge at Yaxha. I have to say that the meals they provided were very good.  We liked the place, it's proximity to Yaxha is great and food was excellent. 

I did pass your details on to someone who is organising a biking tour in Chile... Thank you again for your assistance with Yaxha and I hope that we will cross paths in the future.

 Linda & Peter Cox, CTC Cycling Tours, UK, February 2010

"We were very happy and satisfied with your service before and during our travels in Guatemala. We only used Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists for the part of our trip which took us to Tikal National Forest. It was very well organised... Most valuable to us was that you advised us to go a day later because you had dignitaries visiting on the day we planned to go. That was most helpful. You and your staff were very curteous and professional. We appreciated that. The service at the lodge in Tikal was exceptional, and our guide very knowledgeable. I will certainly recommend your services to others and the next time we travel to Central America, we will seek out your services and advice."

Gisela Kasselt, US, February 2010

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Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists is the leading cultural & natural tourism outfitter in the Maya World region operating tours in all of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras since 1995 with the back up and experience only 30 years as professionals in the tourism industry can guarantee. Ecotourism & Adventure has begun its operations in South America as more and more of our travelers demand the same quality services they are used to for unique itineraries in Peru, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador.