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The Ultimate Maya Adventure:

El Mirador, The Kingdom of Kan


Mirador from Carmelita 5 days 4 nights


Mirador by helicopter 1 day tour


For more information on tours to El Mirador, archaeology and natural heritage visit:



Meet the people behind your tour

Carla Molina, President & Marketing Director

Our company's President, Carla Molina, has lived and traveled extensively around the world, holds a degree in International Relations, speaks four languages and has been actively participating in pioneering sustainable tourism and conservation projects for the past 28 years. Focused on the conservation of the Maya World region's natural and cultural heritage she has moved forward in consolidating the leading ecotourism company in the Maya World region since 1996... To this date she is deeply involved in different projects to preserve the authenticity and promote the stewarship of great destinations around Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras!

Her friendship with local communities started in 1983, saving & reintegrating wildlife into the jungle and supporting cultural, archaeological & conservation programs ever since with a hands-on approach. "It became evident to me that through ecotourism the plight of the forest and of its people might be changed to a brighter future", she says. She has turned from activism to passionate action at the site of El Mirador providing direct support to the IDAEH park guards and single handedly mitigating the negative impacts of tourism derived from the lack of appropriate planning at the state level. "When we are all gone I would still like this place to have a chance to be all it can be for El Peten and for Guatemala", Carla explains. "The government will step up to the plate soon and they are doing their homework, but bureaucracy is incredibly slow. You could sit and critizice or help however you can to reduce negative impacts and contribute by monitoring your own activities and being part of the solutions instead of being part of the problem..."

Filling a vacuum of leadership at this great site didn't occur overnight. Carla has been leading adventures to El Mirador and beyond longer than anybody else, both on jungle trekks and by helicopter. She has gradually become more and more involved with everything at the park, as well as at the Tikal National Park, from providing support to government instituions in preventing forest fires to organizing the separation of waste to educating the local guides on better practices as well as on helping the authorities at both parks manage the impacts of tourism, as she continues to promote responsible ecotourism as a tool for social and economic development.

Carla is currently finalizing our nature and adventure catalogue to include the wonders of South America, where Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists is experiencing an unprecedented growth. "Ecuador is a great example for the rest of Latin America to follow. Ecotourism is Ecuador's fourth most important source of income, fueling amazing efforts of conservation at the public and private levels, promoting the expansion and consolidation of more protected areas ín the country and bringing investment to their economy", she exclaims, " I only wish other countries could have the same clarity and vision so they too could start setting their priorities right! Perhaps it is not too late for the Maya Biosphere Reserve..."

Carla Molina is part of a select panel of experts with the National Geographic Society's Center for Sustainable Destinations in the assessment of destination stewardship and authenticity since 2003. The results of each year's surveys are featured by the society's Traveler Magazine.

About Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists Carla says, "We will keep you doing interesting & exciting things at all times, having a deep experience in nature & interacting with the local culture... doing all we can so that ecotourism will be all it can be for our visitors, our people & our parks...". As our Marketing Director she also makes sure our experience and wonderful adventures are all on-line on our company's websites for you to discover a wide array of possibilities to explore much of Latin America and the Maya World, but more than this she is making sure your visit visibly translates into tangible benefits for our people and our parks. She's always looking for new routes and adventures in the Maya World, Mexico & Central and South America, proposing new & exciting itineraries and making sure you enjoy great, safe & professionally operated adventures...

Mabelin Reyes, Operations Manager

When asked about her commitment to our company and our travelers, she said, "Ecotourism is not an ideal... it is our way of life! Perfect organization in our office is not only benefitial to our host communities but also to our environment. Our travelers appreciate these details and keep coming back to our region for more great adventures with us!" Mabelin is very pleased to be a part of Ecotourism & Adventure Specilaists and we treasure her work, which is efficient in every way in the precise organization of every adventure. "Everything is perfectly planned and organized for each individual itinerary and I personally experience great advancement for myself as an individual and for the organization I am a part of on a daily basis", she says, "reaching my every goal is a great ingredient in my own personal satisfaction". She eagerly awaits our travelers' comments, as each one of them represents great motivation for her to give her best every single day as our Operations Manager at our Guatemala office. Mabelin is in University studying Engineering and is in the 9th semester. She has been with our company for 4 years.

Christian Wehner, Systems Engineer

"I have managed to develop and put my knowledge as a webmaster to use and apply it to our company's needs to have the best customer service possible. At Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists I have also acquired new skills, where I am forced to keep up to date with the latest technology demanded by our clients. It is interesting to see how their purchasing habits evolve along with the technology we make available to them on our websites", he says, "I am pleased to see that our travelers, who are the center of our attention, are satisfied with the service they recieve from the moment they contact us to the moment they send us their comments and evaluations after their trip. My main focus is to showcase all of our destinations and it is very important to us that our web sites are also "alive" and interactive."

Like Christian we get very excited when our travelers send us sound clips, videos and photograhs as well as their comments so that their experiences may also be showcased in our websites, if they want a part of them. So, do send us your comments, along with your pictures, videos and interesting sound clips if you would like Christian to put them up on our websites... Christian holds a dual nationality, Guatemalan and German, and is a Systems Engineer with a Masters in Electronic Banking and Masters in Communications.

Juan Salvador Galich

Juan is a man of many talents. He is adventurous, artistic and enthusiastic and discovered the beauty of nature by exploring mountains, caves, volcanoes and the Maya Jungle.  As an experienced trekker, a professional mountain biker and spelunker (caver) Juan has helped develop responsible and green tourism options in different areas of Guatemala with local community members.
Juan Salvador Galich

You will have a lot of fun while exploring the trails with Juan, and you’ll be surprised of how much you can learn from listening to his stories while you absorb the loads of information he has to share with you…  During his 6 years of experience on the field Juan has acquired a great set of skills, passion for nature, and understanding of what ecotourism is really all about and has a very smooth way of transmitting that passion to everyone going on an adventure in nature with him. Juan has a wilderness first-aid certification and is also an instructor with several organizations that are helping young people get in touch with the Maya culture. Check this link for more information!

Juan is our main volcano adventure guide and one of our professional guides to the site of El Mirador. When asked about his vision for the future of ecotourism in the Mirador Rio Azul National Park he said, “I am determined to make this trip possible for everybody, from the backpacking youngsters to the most demanding world travelers". Our objective is that everyone can see and fall in love with our park. On our part we’ll all need to prevent our impacts by managing people at the site and on the trails, managing trash at the different campsites, and working together with the IDAEH park guards to make sure we all contribute to the preservation of this wonderful and vast cultural & wilderness area. Juan is always thinking about nature first and foremost.

Marina Sunchagova, Russian Market Sales Director

"I love my work immensely so I like our travelers to be pleased with all of our company's arrangements and services", she says. For Marina a great sense of respect for our travelers is very important so she is focused on surpassing all of their expectations. "Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists' services cover a very wide area: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, and it is my duty to arrange our travelers' hotels, transfers, guides and flights for all Russians who want to visit the Maya World region & Central America." Marina is the only certified professional guide accreditted by the Guatemalan Tourism Board to work in the Russian language.


Travelers with Carla Molina & Claire Masaya in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Claire's knowledge and expertise as a former Galapagos guide has contributed enourmously to the development of Guatemala as a Bird Watching destination...


Our local guides

Miguel Marin, Cesar Moran and Aquiles Hernandez in Tikal, Juan Skinner on Lake Atitlan, Roberto Spillari in Antigua, Juan Salvador Galich on Guatemala's volcanoes, Nestor Marroquin, Roxy Ortiz and Bernie Mittelsteadt at El Mirador (and Angel Marroquin when he returns from Warsaw, Poland, where he is currently studying tourism management), Marina Sunchagova around the region for Russian speaking travelers, Edith Llamas in Mexico City, Agustin Anaya and Adriana Sanchez in Teotihuacan, Kayum Arturo and Kayum Garcia Paniagua in Naha, Chiapas.& Francisco Guzman in Palenque.. Gustavo Canas Valle in Ecuador and as one of the leading natural history and birding guides in Latin America.

Lacandon guides at Naha with Francisco Guzman on one of our academic tours with a strong focus on ancient Maya agricultural practices.

Our boatmen...

Alfredo Ramos on Lake Izabal & Rio Dulce, Misael on Lake Atitlan, Manuel Martinez in the Petexbatun region & Don Prospero on the Usumacinta River as well as our Tzotzil Maya partners in Frontera Corozal....

Our transportation guys

Jose Ortiz in Tikal & the Peten region in Northern Guatemala and Amilcar Villalta in the Guatemalan highlands... Tito Cueva in Honduras & Nicaragua... Enrique Solis in Central Mexico & Manuel and Antonio Guillen in the Maya World region in Southeastern Mexico... Eddie Fischer in Belize... and the most fun and entertaining Yoyo & Nelson in Cuba...


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Ecotourism & Adventure Specialists is the leading cultural & natural tourism outfitter in the Maya World region operating tours in all of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras since 1995 with the back up and experience only 30 years as professionals in the tourism industry can guarantee. Ecotourism & Adventure has begun its operations in South America as more and more of our travelers demand the same quality services they are used to for unique itineraries in Peru, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador.