High Archaeology Adventure In The Maya Biosphere Reserve



12 days / 11 nights

Degree of difficulty: extremely adventurous/ Type of accommodations: 1 night in El Chiclero Camp rustic hotel, camping chiclero style with denim hammocks and mosquito nets, 1 night in hotel/ and 2 nights in ecolodges/ Focus: Maya Archaeology and Nature Trekking, birdwatching/

Visit chiclero camps in the jungle, see mysterious sites being excavated in the depths of the Maya jungle, such as Nakbe and El Mirador. See completely unexcavated sites, such as Naachtun and La Muralla... See the impressive Maya ceremonial city of Tikal and the archaeological site of Uaxactun. Visit the remote Dos Lagunas Biotope Nature Preserve, where real adventures begin!


  • Fly to Santa Elena International Airport in Peten
  • Proceed to the Tikal National Park
  • Explore part of the archaeological site
  • Transfer to the village of Uaxactun
  • Explore the archaeological site
  • Overnight at Campamento El Chiclero


  • Visit a private collection turned into the village’s Maya Museum
  • Leave to El Sibal
  • Continue to our jungle rendezvous with our muleteers and the rest of our team
  • Set camp in the depths of the jungle for overnight


  • By foot and mule we shall attain the limits of the Mirador National Park and the archaeological site of Nakbe
  • Explore the site
  • Set up camp at Nakbe
  • Explore the jungle with our chiclero muleteer


  • Jungle trek to the great site of Mirador
  • Set up camp at Mirador, while sharing chiclero stories and all the incredible things that happen around this jungle


  • Full day exploration of El Mirador
  • Discover some of the tallest Maya pyramids
  • Spectacular sunset while you try to make out the distant sites of Naachtun and Calakmul


  • Trekking and riding to the site of La Muralla
  • Set up camp and enjoy a relaxing evening


  • Lift camp and continue to the site of Naachtun in Dos Lagunas Biotope
  • Set up camp
  • Partial exploration of the site.


  • Full day exploring Naachtun
  • Continue to El Espinero, new camping site already set up for us


  • Trekking through the Dos Lagunas Biotope to reach the campsite at El Suspiro
  • Main encampmet in the Dos Lagunas Biotope, in the Maya Biosphere Reserve

DAY 10

  • Start heading back toward civilization
  • Visit the site of El Manantial and see a four sides sculpted stella
  • Overnight in Uaxactun or El Sibal, a Chiclero Cooperative

DAY 11

  • Return to the Tikal National Park
  • Enjoy time in Tikal to see more of the archaeological site
  • Sunset over the temples

DAY 12

  • Explore Tikal and the Sylvannus G. Morley Museum
  • Fly back to Guatemala City
  • Enjoy a farewell dinner fit for mythical heroes like us!!!

What’s included?

  • Domestic airfare, Park entrance fees, 1 night hotel in Uaxactun, 1 night hotel in Tikal, transfers to and from Uaxactun to Santa Isabel and Dos Lagunas and the Tikal National Park, guides, mules and support for the highest adventure in the jungle on the trail to Nakbe, Mirador and Naachtun, all sleeping facilities, food and drinking water during the jungle expedition. Soft drinks and snacks throughout the trip. First aid kit permanently at your disposal.

What’s not included?

  • Lunch on day 1, dinner on day 1, alcoholic beverages, personal expenses, travel and personal insurance, meals in Tikal upon our return from the deepest jungle... Airport taxes.

What to bring?

  • Light clothes for hot tropical climate, cap or hat, rain gear for the rainy season between August and January, three pairs of shoes: high rubber boots for the rainy season, hiking boots and comfortable shoes for hanging out in the campsites, long-sleeved shirts, canvas pants or jeans, plenty of socks and undergarments, 2 towels, plastic bags, toothpaste and brush, personal items, a hand flashlight, mosquito repellent, sun-blocking lotion, baby powder to keep feet and soft body parts dry, binoculars, canteen for drinking water, small backpack for trekking, an extra handbag to leave dry clothes behind for the way back...