The Chiclero Trip



10 days / 9 nights

Degree of difficulty: hard to extreme/ Type of accommodations: comfortable camping in tents and 1 night in ecolodges/ Transfers on comfortable 4x4 vehicles and mules/ Focus: Maya Archaeology and Nature Trekking in "grand style", birdwatching and swimming /

Visit chiclero camps in the jungle, see mysterious sites being excavated in the depths of the Maya jungle, such as Nakbe and El Mirador. See completely unexcavated sites, such as Naachtun and La Muralla... Visit the community of Carmelita and trek through the Mirador National Park.


  • Flight to Santa Elena International Airport.
  • Departure to Carmelita's "Nakbe Eco-Camp"
  • Set up camp


  • Departure to El Tintal by foot and mule
  • Optional visit of the archaeological site


  • Trekking and riding through the jungle to Carrizal Chiclero Camp


  • Departure to Mirador archaeological site
  • Set up camp
  • Hiking and visit the Monos Complex
  • Hiking and visit the Tigre Complex


  • Hiking and visit the Danta Complex and surroundings


  • Departure to Nakbe along the Mayan Sacbe (White Road) recently mapped
  • Arrival and set up the camp


  • Full day exploring Nakbe


  • Departure to El Ramonal (a chiclero camp)
  • Visit the Codex Complex on the way


  • Departure to Carmelita
  • Continue to our Ecolodge in Flores

DAY 10

  • Spend the day resting and enjoying the waters of beautiful Lake PetŽn Itz‡
  • Fly back to Guatemala City
  • About the Chiclero Trail to Mirador and Nakbe...

Mirador is a hard core expedition. It is an unexcavated Maya site in the depths of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Its impressive structures are completely covered by jungle. There is only one stelae called "The mule stelae", the information it contained has been lost due to its antiquity and its being exposed to the elements for more than a thousand years. The highlights at the site include the fabulous view from atop the Danta Complex, over 80 feet tall. One can see the "Tigre" and the "Mono" Complexes rising above the canopy. Nature will be all around us throughout the trip and specially on the trail that will take us from Carmelita to Mirador.

We will appreciate huge pimienta gorda trees (Allspice) forest and Chico Zapotes (the gum trees). On the road, or SacbŽ in Mayan language, that leads to NakbŽ there will be many opportunities for animal observation- if we are lucky. En route to NakbŽ, we will come close to a long "Bajo" (lowland marsh) where we may see different types of beautiful and rare plants and flowers, mostly orchids and bromeliads. You will enjoy listening to to our jungle guides’ explanations and stories. The local guides have lived in the jungle their whole lives, harvesting chicle (gum) and xate (an exotic ornamental plant). Today their community (Carmelita) participates in joint efforts which we hope will help us all preserve our forests through ecotourism and adventure.

What to bring?

Excellent hiking boots, preferably not new ones. Another pair of comfortable shoes to wear while in camps. Long canvas or denim pants and long-sleeved cotton shirts. Avoid carrying heavy equipment and luggage. (We will provide soft suitcases before the trip.) If it is possible bring a walking cane or a hiking stick. Personal items, baby powder, mosquito repellent, sun blocking lotion, plenty of socks, toothbrush and toothpaste. Light clothes for hot tropical climate, cap or hat.