Mesoamerican Discovery One



A 22 day Journey through Maya History and Nature in Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Honduras

Degree of difficulty: easy to moderate/ Type of accommodations: 3-5 star hotels and ecolodges/ Focus: Maya Archaeology, Architecture and History, Natural History, Geography and contemporary Maya Culture/ exploring sites in:/ Peten- Guatemala, Belize and Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Chiapas- Mexico

Visit archaeological sites in Guatemala: Tikal, Uaxactun, Yaxha, Topoxte & Iximche... in Honduras: Copan... in Belize: Xunantunich, Cuello, Lamanai, Cerros and Santa Rita... in Mexico: Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza, Kabah, Labna, Uxmal, Palenque, Yaxchilan and Bonampak. See the natural beauty of the Maya Biosphere Reserve and the Yaxha Lagoon in Guatemala, the New River Lagoon in Belize and the mystic Dzitnup cave and the falls and ponds of Agua Azul and Misol-ha in Mexico.


  • Fly to Guatemala City

DAY 2 (B/L)

  • Transfer to Antigua Guatemala
  • Guided colonial history tour of the city and neighboring villages
  • Visit coffee farms, ornamental plants, macadamia plantations, textiles, handicrafts and the town’s Central Square and Jade Factory

DAY 3 (B/L)

  • Transfer to Lake Atitlán
  • Visit the ancient capital of the Caqchiquel kingdom, Iximche, en route
  • Explore the lively colors on the streets of Panajachel Sunset over Lake Atitlán
  • Sunset over lake Atitlan

DAY 4 (B/L)

  • Cross over Lake to appreciate the Tzutuhil village of Santiago and the crystal clear waters of Cerro de Oro
  • Visit the alternative village of San Marcos la Laguna

DAY 5 (B/L)

  • Visit the Butterfly Sanctuary and the Buenaventura Cascade
  • Proceed to Chichicastenango, seat of religious and political identity of the Quiche Maya people
  • Enjoy the market day
  • Transfer to Guatemala City

DAY 6 (B/L)

  • Fly to the ancient city of Copan, in Honduras
  • Visit the Late Classic Maya City, famous for its well preserved stone carved monuments and its grand hieroglyphic stairway
  • Flight back to Guatemala City

DAY 7 (B/L)

  • Flight to Flores Peten
  • Proceed to the Tikal National Park
  • Guided tour of the archaeological site, known for its enormous temples surrounded by an impressive jungle

DAY 8 (B/L)

  • Optional early start for birdwatchers
  • Explore more of the impressive Maya City of Tikal and the Sylvannus G. Morley Museum

DAY 9 (B/L)

  • Transfer to Uaxactun
  • Visit the archaeological site and the private collection turned into the town’s museum
  • Continue to El Remate on Lake Peten Itza to visit the town’s woodcarvers

DAY 10 (L)

  • Transfer the Yaxha lagoon to visit the sites of Yaxha and Topoxte, this area has some of the richest biodiversity in Guatemala

DAY 11 (L)

  • Transfer to the Belizean border and visit the archaeological site of Xunantunich
  • Visit the archaeological site of Xunantunich
  • Continue to the Macal River for overnight

DAY 12

  • Transfer to Lamanai
  • Visit the pyramid of Cuello en route
  • Enjoy the pristine New River Lagoon and its wildlife
  • Guided visit to the archaeological site of Lamanai
  • Night spotting boat tour to appreciate wildlife

DAY 13 (B)

  • Head toward the Chetumal Bay to visit the ancient archaeological sites of Cerros and Santa Rita
  • Proceed to the Mexican border
  • Visit the Museum of Maya Archaeology in the present day town of Chetumal
  • Charter flight over the Caribbean Coast of Quintana Roo to Tulum

DAY 14 (L)

  • Visit the fortified Maya city of Tulum
  • Proceed to Coba and marvel with its ancient roads
  • Continue to the colonial town of Valladolid

DAY 15 (B/L)

  • Guided visit to the Maya Cave of Dzitnup
  • Proceed to Chichen Itza and appreciate its architectural features both Maya and Toltec in origin
  • Guided tour of the archaeological site
  • Transfer to Merida

DAY 16 (L/D)

  • Explore the archaeological sites of Labna, Kabah and Sayil.
  • Transfer to the site of Uxmal, the triumph of Mayan architecture
  • Return to Merida

DAY 17

  • Time to relax or see the city of Merida
  • Flight to Palenque

DAY 18 (B/L)

  • Guided tour of the Westernmost Mayan city state, Palenque.

DAY 19 (B/L)

  • Drive to Frontera Corozal on the Usumacinta River
  • Board boat to the Classic Maya site of Yaxchilan
  • Continue to the Lacandon Maya Indian village of Lancan-ha
  • Set up camp

DAY 20 (B/L)

  • Eleven mile hike through the Lacandon Jungle to Bonampak, famous for its painted murals
  • Return to Lacan-ha for transfer back to Palenque
  • Visit the Village of Lacanha Chansayab and swim in the Lacan-ha river if you dont’t feel in fit to hike through the jungle

DAY 21 (L/D)

  • Relax in the beauty of the pristine geologic formations formed by water running through karstic soil (limestone) in the lagoons of Agua Azul and Misol-ha
  • Transfer back to the village of Palenque

DAY 22

  • Transfer to airport
  • Board connecting flights to Guatemala, Mexico or Cancun to join your flights back home