Michael James, UK, March, 2010

"Well, we had a great time on our vacation, thanks to you! The arrangements turned out perfect in all respects. Your choice of accommodation was spot on – thanks for the advice and insight. Sorry we did not link up for the Helicopter ride El Mirador. I did put a call through to you on the Sunday on our way back to Guatemala City to see if we could arrange something, but as you know we were more or less completely off the air for the most part at Tikal and only managed to connect from Flores late in the afternoon for a walk around that town. That pretty much filled up our time in the area and then we were off on the early flight to Cancun on the Wednesday. Cuba turned out to be great, where we stayed in some private houses which was a fabulous experience, amazing service, cleanliness and charm despite the fact that they live on such meager means. Our hats are always off to the Cubans for their resolve under the circumstances of how they must live.

Brian, Sue, Rebecca and Michael Captain Brian & Sue Mitchell, Australia, March, 2010

Overall, the arrangements worked out very well.  The advance payments by check, through your Florida agent, were convenient, and (for us, certainly) really were preferable to use of credit cards.  Email communications and the application of vouchers received as attachments were very satisfactory.  If we had had somewhat more time and had been more adventurous, we presumably could have saved significantly on cost by finding our own transportation from the border (Melchor de Mencos) to Tikal, but it was convenient and comfortable, and certainly affordable for us, to have the ride arranged in advance. Our driver, Mr. Ortiz greeted us and directed us to the Guatemala entry office as we emerged into Guatemala from Belize around 2 pm on January 9th.  The ride to Tikal was pleasant. The Tikal accommodation was good, roomy and comfortable, and the swimming pool was a nice amenity.  We did have to accommodate ourselves to the limited hours of electricity and water warm enough for showers, which we understand is done for resource conservation.  We enjoyed the breakfasts and lunch at the Tikal Inn and suppers at the restaurant at the Jaguar Inn...  We were glad we had two full days (three nights) at Tikal, so we could have an unhurried and more complete look at the ruins; the weather was also much better (not rainy) on the second day.  There was some good wildlife viewing as well-- numerous birds, some spider monkeys, agoutis, crocodiles, and coatis for example.  In retrospect, it would have made sense to have gotten a flight back to the U.S. from Guatemala City, rather than back through Belize, which would have saved us from having to pay exit fees twice from Belize, but we had already arranged our flights to and from Belize before we investigated arrangements for Tikal.  However, the flight from Flores to Belize City on Tropic Air went pleasantly and we enjoyed good views along the way; the pre-arranged early morning ride from Tikal to Flores was essential for making that connection.

Thank you for helping us in our plans for a successful and enjoyable visit to Tikal.  Based on our experience, we would not hesitate to recommend you to others planning such a trip.

Leverett Smith , US, February 2010

"We were very happy and satisfied with your service before and during our travels in Guatemala. We only used Ecotourism for the part of our trip which took us to Tikal National Forest. It was very well organised... Most valuable to us was that you advised us to go a day later because you had dignitaries visiting on the day we planned to go. That was most helpful. You and your staff were very curteous and professional. We appreciated that. The service at the lodge in Tikal was exceptional, and our guide very knowledgeable. I will certainly recommend your services to others and the next time we travel to Central America, we will seek out your services and advice."

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