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Our Ecotourism Adventures...

Tours for everybody

You will enjoy these tours no matter your fitness level or age, because these tours are soft expeditions, where your comfort is our main concern. You will explore nature and return to comfortable accommodations in the evening to get a good night's rest.

Medium tours

You will be in nature and explore exciting places while you walk, hike and climb moderately. You will be combining accommodations in hotels, ecolodges and camping. The distances between the places you will visit will be only a short drive away.

Hard tours

You will be in the depths of nature: exploring, hiking and climbing... pushing yourself above your usual level of exertion. You will be combining ecolodges and campsites. You may sleep in rustic facilities provided by locals or by the conservation projects we work with, such as biological stations... The places you will visit will be off-the-beaten-track and you will come into contact with only a few other lucky travelers...

Extreme tours

You will be in far-off places very few people ever get to visit while discovering nature at its best... You will be riding on adequate 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles for rugged terrain and combining it with extreme hikes or rides on horseback or mules! You will sleep in a few ecolodges, but you will mostly be camping and sleeping in hammocks with mosquito netting. The places you will visit will be beyond the off-the-beaten-track level and you will be in very close and private communion with nature around you...