Our ATM River Cave Tour is one of our most exiting day tours...


     Our tours will take you to Belize, a tiny English-speaking tropical Central American nation with a democratic tradition. It is only 23,300 square kilometers, but it comprises a rich mixture of peoples and cultures.


     Out of its 210,000 inhabitants Black Creoles make up the largest ethnic group. There are also people of English and Spanish descent, 10% of the population are Maya Indians. Belize's cultural diversity includes German-Swiss Mennonite farmers or Garifunas, mostly fishermen living on the coast. It is not uncommon to find expatriates from a number of different Western countries who have settled in Belize and merchants of Chineese, Lebaneese and Indian origin.


     Traditionally, the region was a logging area with little interest for its Spanish conquerors. During the XVII century it became a haven for English pirates whose business flourished behind the protection of the barrier reef and the absence of effective colonial administration.


     However, as the English Crown became interested in gaining new territories overseas its activities in the Caribbean became more important. Although on maps the territory appeared as part of a Spanish Colony, this didn’t stop His Majesty’s forces from defeating the Spanish Armada in 1798 off the Belize Cayes. The Belizeans celebrated their freedom from Spanish Rule. The territory was later declared a British Colony and continued to be officially known as British Honduras until its independence on September 21st, 1981, when the independent nation of Belize was formally declared...

     Belize is a tropical lowland. Its climate is humid and hot. However, the diversity you may experience in Belize is not easy to find elsewhere...


     Its swamps and jungles, full of amazing biodiversity, the largest cave system in the entire planet, its unique underwater systems are all delightful stops for adventurers in this land! Its rivers, which sometime turn into pristine waterfalls, and its mountains are dotted with archaeological sites that reveal a long-term occupation by the Maya Civilization. Belize is known mostly by the beauty of its Caribbean cayes or islands. East of these islands lays the second longest Barrier Reef in the world, with an amazing underwater park for snorkellers and scuba divers.


     Its national parks and protected areas are well kept and preserved. These are considered valuable resources for their tourism-based economy. Be prepared to pay BZ$ 7.50 as you leave the country: a protected areas tax, but rest assured these guys are putting their money where their mouths are regarding conservation of land and marine environments.


     Belize is being discovered by ecotourists and adventurers as a wonderful and diverse destination: filled with lively, colorful and rich experiences.