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     Our tours will take you to Argentina, a Spanish-speaking South American nation with a vast territory of 2,780,400  km2  comprising a beautiful, varied and rich mix of natural and cultural landscapes. There are 43,847,430 inhabitants in Argentina (estimated for 2016) and their country is fast becoming one of the “new” favorite ecotourism & adventure destinations for travelers seeking deep experiences in nature and world heritage lovers as well. Here you will “feel good” as you experience responsible, conscious and plastic-free travel as you care for the environment as part of your visit to Argentina. US travelers are “seriously” discovering Argentina, with a 20% increase in visitors in the first quarter (of 2019) compared with the same period in 2018. The top destinations, for both Argentinian and foreign travelers in the South American nation are: Buenos Aires, the country’s capital, and Patagonia (El Calafate, San Carlos de Bariloche and Ushuaia), which are the most sought-after destinations.  

     Its 33+ national parks are well preserved and some 11 of them are also UNESCO declared World Heritage sites. These are considered valuable assets for the Argentinian tourism industry, which recorded 5.57 million travelers in 2013, making it the top destination in South America and the second in Latin America only after Mexico. Be prepared to be far removed from “tourism fatigue” as you enjoy a country where excessive hordes of visitors are practically nonexistent. Further stimulus to tourism arrivals into Argentina include the refunding of the added value tax to foreign tourists for their hotel stays when paying using a credit card issued abroad or making a wire transfer. This tax being returned before you leave the country applies only to foreign visitors and has made Argentina a more attractive and competitive destination, that has brought about 95 thousand new visitors to the country and accounts for an increase of 70 million dollars (to their US$ 44 billion tourism industry and the creation of 8 thousand new jobs in the tourism industry, directly and indirectly.

     You may enjoy an adventure in Argentina with our specialist Argentinian guides or combine your itinerary with nearby highlights in Chile (particularly with Andean crossings over Patagonia, to see the top nature and adventure tour destinations in both countries)... Write us at